ES6 and Titanium Classic

Some of the new features in ES6 are exciting, such as classes.  I can’t wait for the day it’s supported in Titanium so I thought I’d give a BabelJS plugin for Titanium a spin.

Check out the project here:

Next experiment is figuring out how to get it to work with Alloy.  Technically you could point this babel plugin to the app/lib folder but full Alloy support is going to take a little more time.  I’d love to see Alloy controllers actually be subclasses of an Alloy super class.  `class MyController extends Alloy { }` would be great!


Improvisations in D – Saturday, July 13th

I like to sit down and create new tunes every once in awhile but I never sit down to record them. That basically means I forget most music I create. So, starting this week, I’m going to try to post a video & mp3 once in a while, whenever I can think up something worth keeping.

My first entry is a slow, celtic-esque tune I came up with sitting in the living room today while my girls tried to sing along. I was playing with a pedal tone in the key of D and this is what came out; played around with the idea for about 15 min and decided it was good enough to share.